Team Alignment

An area of capability improvement in Paul’s online self-assessment was Employment; specifically, the dynamics and interactions of his team members with each other and his leadership of them.  Paul noted that there was confusion and debate in his team about their roles and that he needed assistance to provide greater role clarity to his team.  Paul also identified several commonalities between his personal Values, Beliefs & Faith and those of his organisation. 

In our first coaching session, we discussed Paul’s personal values.  We also discussed his observation that they had a lot in common with those of his organisation.  We discussed whether his team were sufficiently aware of the organisation’s values – they were not.  We discussed Paul leading a session with his team where he would ask his team members to share their personal values, including Paul openly sharing his own; the objective being to find commonalities and differences between the team members’ personal values and those of the organisation.  Paul felt that completing the session and discussing their observations could be the beginning of a more understanding, aligned and collaborative team dynamic.

In our coaching session, we also discussed his organisations’ strategy and business plan and how that was linked to his departments’ annual plans.  In turn, we discussed the importance of each team member having a role description that explained not only the tasks and outputs for their role but also how these interact with other team members and contribute to departmental and business outcomes.

Openly discussing personal and organisational values and ensuring role clarity linked to business outcomes is key to establishing an aligned and performing team.
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