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It is difficult for an organisation to find the time and energy to build Capable and Resilient Leaders.

However, it is an ability to be broadly self-aware and broadly capable in life that allows a leader to maximise their wellness and their resilience. The ability to be a truly effective leader then follows.

What is resilience?

The ability to be successful and happy after something difficult or challenging has occurred.

Typically, these life challenges present themselves via adversity, tragedy or other sources of stress which may arise from issues associated with health & wellness, employment, education, personal relationships, finances and family & friends.

Why is resilience important?

Resilience is associated with lower rates of stress, anxiety and depression and increased effectiveness, success and longevity. 

The positive outcomes that arise out of being broadly resilient lead to greater control over one’s life and hence the opportunity to maximise personal effectiveness and success – in one’s employment and personal life.

We Assess

We offer an inexpensive online self-assessment for leaders to review their current capability across our 10 Life Areas. 

The self-assessment includes prompting leaders to consider options to improve their capabilities. 

Given the diversity of leaders that we work with, the self-assessment may take between 30 minutes and 3 hours to complete; depending on the detail that each leader chooses to provide. 

You may very well ask how such a wide range of self-assessment durations is possible. We believe that a self-assessment needs to be flexible to everyone’s needs – from the leader who is after a robust but quick self-assessment to those leaders who need the time and space to reflect and complete a detailed review of their current capabilities and future opportunities.

Each leader is provided with a personalised report capturing their responses and Life Area scores.

All information is securely stored, and our privacy policy is quite simple – We will never share individual personal information with a third party.

Our 10 Life Areas, include:

Health & Wellness
Health relates to physical health. Wellness relates to mental health.
Personal Relationship
Personal Relationship is an intimate relationship with your spouse / partner; your dating relationship/s; or your current circumstances.
Family & Friends
Family relates to your immediate or extended family and/or relations. Family also includes your pets. Friends are non-relations who you choose to spend time with.
Employment may be your career or work as an employee or as a business owner. It relates to your primary source/s of earned income.
Community relates to contributions, time and other resources that you give freely to support others with no expectation of financial or other materialistic gain.
Sport, Recreation & Hobbies
Sport, Recreation & Hobbies relates to activities that you choose to do in your free time for personal enjoyment.
Travel relates to time spent away from your principle place of residence. This may include to other areas of your city, within your state or country or internationally.
Values, Beliefs & Faith
Values, Beliefs & Faith relates to your personal values, your personal beliefs and your personal faith. It includes your religion or the absence of a religion in your life.
Finances relates to your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity. It includes insurances, credit cards, superannuation (retirement savings plan), budgeting and your will.
Education & Personal Development
Education & Personal Development includes formal education, obtaining skills and/or competencies and self-paced learning. It also includes your life experiences.

We Coach

For those leaders who wish to expand and maximise their personal capabilities and resilience we offer tailored one-on-one coaching. 

Coaching typically acknowledges Life Areas that are strengths and then focuses on those Life Areas where there are opportunities to build capability. 

Coaching sessions are conducted online, with face-to-face coaching a negotiated option.

We Build Leaders

We also present at seminars, corporate events and conferences to introduce Capable and Resilient Leaders and are available to compile corporate programs tailored to your needs.

We are also available to discuss ways in which Capable and Resilient Leaders may assist with organisational cultural change and diversity, as well as employee recruitment, development, succession planning and promotion.

We build self-awareness, we build capability, we build resilience, we build leaders – we build Capable and Resilient Leaders.

We can be your trusted partner to provide your leaders with an online self-assessment and optional one-on-one coaching that will help your leaders maximise their capabilities and resilience; not only at work but in all areas of their life.

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