Personal Reflection

I developed the Capable and Resilient Leaders Model in 2012 during some notable Personal Relationship challenges that I was experiencing at the time. 

I found myself in a place where my self-assessed broad-based capability provided a solid foundation, a resilience, to allow me to focus on those areas in life where I was having challenges. 

That is, because I had strong capability in areas other than Personal Relationship, I found that my life still had purpose and focus, and I remained highly resilient overall.

During these times, I could still have purpose, enjoyment and satisfaction in my Health & Wellness, my Family & Friends, my Employment, my Community, my Sport Recreation & Hobbies, my Travel, my Values, Beliefs & Faith, my Finances and my Education & Personal Development, while I was highly self-aware and managing and improving the area where I had challenges.

I learned that, ideally, it is especially important to have broad-based capability prior to difficulties and challenges arising. However, I also learned that often the path forward out of difficulties and challenges requires a whole of life focus – not just a focus on those life areas where there are problems.

Since 2012, I have actively followed my Model and in 2020, I decided to share it via Capable and Resilient Leaders.

My objective is to help everyone to be at their best and to continue to be at their best no matter what challenges come their way!

We are often faced with unforeseen difficulties and challenges and recent times are no exception, however, those who have broad based capability and resilience are best placed to manage these challenges and to be effective leaders for your organisation. 
Andrew Montgomery 
Director, ADJM Consulting Pty Ltd
Sandringham, Victoria, Australia
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