Impacts of COVID-19

In Adrian’s online self-assessment he highlighted opportunities to improve capability in his Finances and in his Personal Relationship.  Specifically, the impacts of COVID-19 had placed serious pressure on his families’ finances as his partner had no work but their expenses had remained much the same.  These financial pressures had, in turn, impacted their relationship.

Adrian and his partner had significant equity in their home and in their investments, however, the nature of their investments and lifestyle was that their monthly expenses were significant too.  In our first coaching session, Adrian wrote a list of optional expenditure that could be immediately cut.  We also focused on giving Adrian the awareness, skills and confidence to begin negotiating with his creditors – his bank, children’s private school, health insurance provider, utility providers and every other creditor to whom he owed money at that point in time or in the following six months.  Adrian was able to secure notable discounts (and a number of deferrals) which when collated exceeded a month of Adrian’s take-home salary.

This outcome lead to an improvement in Adrian’s relationship with his partner.  However, in our second coaching session, we took the time to discuss ways in which Adrian and his partner could rebuild their connection and also take advantage of the additional time that COVID-19 had allowed them to have together at home.

When difficulties arise there are always options and solutions; and if we think creatively enough, we can find positives too.
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