After completing her online self-assessment Rachelle wanted to focus on improving her capability in Sport, Recreation & Hobbies.  Additionally, Rachelle felt that her current capability in Health & Wellness was impacting the rest of her life.  Rachelle decided that in improving her capability in these Life Areas her goal would be to run Melbourne Marathon 2021. 

Rachelle had only ever jogged occasionally and had done minimal exercise in recent months given the impacts of COVID-19.  In our first coaching session, we spoke about developing a training plan; we also discussed that Rachelle had time on her side, given that the marathon was more than a year away.  Rather than sprint out of the blocks and risk injury, we discussed getting her body moving again - taking small steps.  Rachelle’s marathon training plan until the end of December 2020 is to walk for an hour four times per week.  Rachelle’s plan considers her current capabilities and is achievable – she has enthusiastically commenced her journey.

Sandringham, Victoria, Australia
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